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Wagon Restoration

Here you can find pictures of the restoration work that has been carried out by the Bury Standard 4 Wagons Group.


Keith Savory and his team have committed years to restoring, rebuilding and servicing the wagons that the group own.


These wagons include Brake Vans, Coal Wagons, Plank Wagons, Low Loaders, Box Vans, Hoppers and many more.



This is W36280 Conflat Box – No. ROF 269 Built 1937 GWR Steel Underframe Wagon, unrestored  top photograph date unknown and after restoration – 12 March 2011.  – Copyright Keith Savory and Dan Jones.




This is W17448 20T GWR Toad Brake Van before  restoration top photograph – Date Unknown and after restoration – 26 June 2011. Copyright Josh Southward, Brian Ellicott and Dan Jones.




This is B950136 20T LMS Brake Van which had suffered at the hands of arsonists – Date Unknown on the top photograph and after some restoration to bring it back into traffic – 12 March 2011.  Copyright Keith Savory and Dan Jones.


This LMS brake van B950136 has now been completely refurbished from top to bottom as the last two photographs show the restoration in progress, with all the brake gear, woodwork, metalwork painted and the inside of the van restored to as new condition by three volunteers from the Carriage & Wagon department, John Greenwood, John Garner and Brian Ellicott. The restoration work was started in 2011 and finished in 2014, it’s first outing on completion was in a demonstration freight train on Saturday 18th. January 2014. The exterior of the brake van is now painted in bauxite, the interior in cream and maroon, this is how it looks now, complete with a new stove and chimney pipe. 6-7-2014 Copyright Alan S. Bibby & Brian Ellicott.