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There are options for our supporters to become members of the Group and additionally buy shares in the loco owning company if they wish ( Please see seperate Membership & Shares pages ).


Another way to support us is to make a donation or a bequest towards the restoration activities and the ongoing maintenance costs of our locos.  We are very grateful for all donations and bequests.


We are currently holding a "Sponsor a Tube" Appeal after the unexpected failure of two of our 80097 loco's boiler tubes, after only three years running, following a complete professional overhaul of the boiler. This has caused our Insurance Company's boiler inspector to request the replacement of all the small boiler tubes. There are 160 tubes and they will cost us £50 each. We have now suffered a further problem in that the large tubes have now started to fail and all 21 must be replaced. These will cost us £750 each plus the engineerinf costs and certification testing costs.


If you are able to make a donation for a part or even a full boiler tube to enable us to get our loco 80097 back into service we would be extremely grateful.


This can be done by several alternatives:


1) Online Via Paypal - Visit our Shop Page, scroll down to the bottom of the page and the donation options are there for you.


2)  A cash donation or cheque at our Shop Coach at the end of platform 2 at the East lancashire Railway's Bury (Bolton Street) station. The Shop is open at weekends.


3)  A cheque sent by post to: Bury Standard 4 Group,  64 Redearth Road, Darwen, Lancashire, BB3 2AF


4)  By a bank transfer - please call in at the Shop or contact us for details.


Thank you for your help.