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46428 update

Monday, 8th April, 2024



Our loco has a new cab. We are indebted to member and supporter, Terry Holtby. He supplied all the component sheet metal, laser cut to size from an original B.R. drawing. Over the last two years it has been assembled and initially bolted together and recently hot riveted. It has had the whistle levers, font facing opening windows and crew seats fitted.  Recently the whole cab has been cosmetically painted inside and out. Numbers have been applied and it was rolled out for the world to see at the recent "Legends of Steam" event. There is no further work needed on the cab prior to being fitted to the loco. It will be put into storage until that time.


Again our smokebox has been provided by a group member along with door ring and door. The dart asembly is being made along with the hinge assembly. We have a smokebox door number plate and shed code. 10A  (Springs Branch, Wigan) has been chosen as it spent more time there than anywhere else. It was a North West engine for most of it's service life, so it seems appropriate.  The shed code can be changed if there was a wish from the membership to do so. We are in the process of test fitting the sacrificial plate for the inside floor of the smokebox. It is a very hostile environment inside there. This plate takes the brunt of the corrosive products of combustion which lie inside. It extends the life of the smoke box itself. The smokebox is not far from final fit.


Brake Gear.


When the loco arrived at Bury there were only two of the six brake hangers and one of the two transverse brake beams in situ. We have obtained four, flame-cut, steel billets which have been milled to the same dimensions of the originals. They are having further machining 5o install bushings and will en be fitted. The two add it all brake beams are being sourced. The loco steam brake is  being overhauled.  We will then need to fabricate the required brake rodding.


Drag Box.


The original was life expired. It sits under the cab and is constantly wet with corrosive coal slurry from the wash down water in the cab. This done to minimise coal dust in the environment. The drag box takes the weight of the train. A new assembly is nearing completion. We must archive the process of fabrication by recording all relevant details, materials used and personnel's qualifications etc. Nigel Barnes was coded (a welding qualification) but it had expired in his retirement. Our thanks go to Nigel for carrying out the required tests to re-qualify. The fabrication is progressing well and will requie heat treating after completion to ease the stresses created during its build. The geometry must be accurate to ensure the frames are true.

Please watch this space for further updates. 

46428 update 46428 update 46428 update