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Workshop Update November 2023

Monday, 13th November, 2023



Ivatt loco 46428


Our workshop team have been settling into the autumn weather, even had to put the heating on (!) and progress continues on our Ivatt loco 46428.



The new cab is almost complete and has been (mostly) rivetted together. The whistle lever mechanism has been installed and hand rails and new seat brackets fitted.



The new brake hanger brackets are being machined and the brake hanger bars are next to be done. New running boards have been obtained and placed in position, a cab lever control is being machined and expansion link trunnions have been bolted in place.



The two plates for the drag box have been reinforced with fillets, ready for further assembly.



Outside the workshop the boiler feed water clacks housing has been cleaned and the fixing screw locations tapped out.

In preparation for a preliminary boiler inspection at the end of the month, being done to give us a longer term study of the state of the boiler, specified areas are being sanded down (inside and out) to reveal any wear or damage cracks in the boiler structure.



In addition work has continued in refurbishing the 24 ton mineral wagon. The lower area of the door support bars are being cut out and new sections fitted. The wagon will eventually take its place in the goods wagon trains on the ELR.



For the Armistice Remembrance period, the Bury Standard 4 Group again mounted its tribute outside our workshop.



Work is progressing steadily, helped by new members to the workshop team. Fancy getting involved? Come down and see us any Saturday or Sunday.







The new Ivatt cab.



Preparing the boiler for inspection.



Our Armistice tribute.



Workshop Update November 2023 Workshop Update November 2023 Workshop Update November 2023