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80097 Moves to Baron Street Works

On Wednesday 12th March 2014 we finally moved 80097 from our workshop down to Baron Street works. This involved moving 80097 to the Bay Platform 1 on Bury Bolton Street then into Platform 2 before being moved past Bury South Signal Box, past Carriage and Wagon Shed at Buckley Wells over Buckley Wells Level Crossing into the Baron Street Yard and safely into Baron Street Works. The engines used to move 80097 were BR 01 Class D2956 and BR 08s 08700 and 08479.


The new boiler was then moved to the back of the workshop followed by the Weltrol wagon containing the firebox. This will now enable us to work on the firebox in the relative comfort of the workshop, rather than working on it in the open air. There are many holes to be drilled in the new outer side sheets of the firebox to accommodate the new stays that have to be manufactured and fitted. Whilst the engine is down at Baron Street the engine’s paintwork will be flattened down and repainted along with other work on the engine.  Most of the injector copper piping has been cut & bent to size, flanges cast, machined, and brazed, and as you can see from the photo’s they are now fitted on the engine. We still need to purchase more copper piping, anyone who wishes to help in that matter it will be greatly appreciated, also material will have to be bought to manufacture all the stays we need.  A few photo’s of the move and the injector piping, many thanks to all concerned.


A big thank you to everyone involved from the Diesel Department, Carriage and Wagon Department and also the East Lancashire Railway.



Have a look on our Facebook page, Bury Std 4 Group where we communicate with one another on work in progress with the engine.